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At Primeira Classe we work, every day, with three goals:

  1. Provide our customers with the best products;
  2. Give them the best arguments for analysis and comparison;
  3. Providing them with the best tools possible to facilitate cost reduction.

All so that our customers can have the best care and work for your satisfaction and loyalty.

For these goals to become a reality, it is important to know who Primeira Classe is.

Company created from scratch in 1994, Primeira Classe is looking forward, and investing in new technologies and modern channels of contact and reservation.

Our extended offer is enhanced with a strong investment in all types of flights, Low Cost, Charter, Airlines flight Regulars companies properly assessed with credible suppliers and a full competitive hotel contracting and quality, which allows us to place worldwide within reach of our customers.

We want to continue to maintain a close relationship, transparency and partnership.

After all, our customers are the reason Primeira Classe exists.

Our team


  • Diogo Ferreira
  • Carlos Alves
  • Fernando Ferreira
  • Maria das Neves
  • Luisa Alves.

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