Sao Tome and Principe will charge a daily tourist tax

Sao Tome and Principe will charge a daily tourist tax

We received the information that the State of Sao Tome and Principe will charge, from next June 15, a daily tourist tax, as transcribed below.
This rate has a value of about € 3.10 person / night at the exchange rate of 1 EUR = 24500 STD, to be paid locally.

"Dear Deprived,
Hereby enhance information on the collection of tourist tax which will take effect as early as next June (15).
The value mentioned in the Official Gazette Decree No. 17/2014, is 75,000.00 (3 euros) per tourist per day, and it replaces the non-collection of visas. In this way we allow the value once charged for visas between directly to the bottom of tourism and aims to bridge the existing financial gaps for solving some permanent problems of the current tourism sector.
We put to disposal for any further clarification it deems necessary.

Tourism tax


June 15, 2016

Entities responsible for collecting

Instances tourist lodging and cruise ships travel agencies

Fact subject to taxation

use or usability of tourism services, public facilities and infrastructure available to the tourist

Passive subject

Tourist: not resident in STP moving to the country and the host hotel chain (unless the period of stay does not exceed 12 hours)

The fee

STD 75,000.00 per day in the country

obligations of the entity responsible for collecting (tourist instance)

- Fee charged individually to each tourist and itemized invoice / receipt
- The lack of mention in the invoice / receipt is punishable by a fine
- Fee paid by tourists at the time of settlement of account

Delivery to the State of amounts paid

- The amount paid to the tourist must be deposited by the tourist instance in any bank until the eighth day of the month following the collection
- Proof of payment must be submitted to the General Directorate of Tourism and Hospitality


- The lack of settlement of the tourist tourist tax is punished with a fine in the sphere of tourism instance the amount of STD 25,000,000.00.
- Failure to pay the amounts collected by the 20th of the month is punishable by a fine STD 25,000,000.00, plus default interest of 25% per month (in case of introduction of fiscal action, also added a fine 25% of the value)

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